Legend has it that in Italy a person in 4 is a social media something  and every day the Net delights us with a new Social Media Strategist (or Social Media Expert) popped up from nothing that promises amazing advice and fantastic management of your social accounts.

Unfortunately or fortunately, thanks also to the crisis and a – very – digital literacy, the Web in general and the Social Networks in particular have become an excellent source of business and various agencies and DIY professionals have thrown themselves headlong .

Nothing new, another thousand thousand expanding sectors have seen improvised individuals over the centuries trying to earn something by riding the trend and another thousand thousand black professionals who tried to claim the training and expertise that required their industry.

How can we combat the rampant phenomenon of improvisation?

Money thrown into useless activities because managed by individuals who have no idea what they are doing?

Perhaps with a little ‘awareness and training in more by companies who see in the social networks an interesting business opportunity and, conscious of their time and knowledge limits, rely on third parties.

Let’s look at some coarse errors that improvised and excellent fuffio logists often make and that should make you prick up your ears, without pretension of exhaustiveness.

1. It opens up the damn personal profile on Facebook

Whenever a company opens a personal profile on Facebook in its own name, a Social Media Manager dies.

To date the walls should know that Facebook companies must create a page and not a personal profile , yet the improvised Social Media Coso does not know and often creates for companies that manage beautiful Personal Profiles.

Ask the friendship to all, always and in any case, without a minimum of restraint and if you dare to tell him something maybe he replies with a sly air that “it is easier for a person to answer a request for friendship that puts you Like a page “ or, even better, ” I do it on purpose, reached a certain number of friends I convert it to Page and zan … look how many Likes! ”   (I swear, it’s a true story).

Sometimes, it is a Web Agency that has been recycled in Social Media Marketing, itself on Facebook with a personal profile.