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SEO is a fundamental part of digital marketing strategy . But today SEO has evolved: many of the “classic” rules are still important, but they must be combined with other activities: design, public relations, social media, content strategies and advertising.

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We are a communications agency active since 2005 specialized in web marketing strategies .

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Finally, we offer information through news, guides, videos, slides, infographics and tutorials, usable for freeand at any time on our official blog , as well as on various online magazines with which we actively collaborate, and on social networks.

Every day we make available to our readers contents updated in real time on the digital world, technology and business innovation, in particular on Digital Marketing and Online Communication.

Thanks to the daily work of our editorial staff , made up of journalists and experts in the field, the blog is always up to date with the evolution of the Internet and the market.


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We organize training courses in web marketing aimed at both companies – to make them capable of managing online communication with internal resources, or know how to select the best suppliers – and to people, especially young people, to help them develop skills that offer concrete possibility of employment.

Our courses are delivered in three different ways: in the classroom, in house  (personalized courses held at the client’s headquarters) and online .

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The guys at Studio Samo and all their employees are pure guarantee. They are at the third training course with them: one live in Bologna and two online thanks to the innovative Academy platform. Moreover, their availability is total, both during the course and post. All money well spent


Rich course even if you had to deal with the limits imposed by time. Very useful, without having fallen into difficult technicalities.


Digital Marketing and Social Media Manager, Focal Inc

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Reasons Why You Should Go For Online Marketing New Zealand

Reasons Why You Should Go For Online Marketing New Zealand

If you have been looking for other means to boost up sales and revenues for your business, you may want to tap into the world of online marketing. You will be amazed on what you may achieve through it and the amount of sales and profits coming your way. At the end of the day, you would only want nothing but the best strategies for your business that will help boost everything up without having to spend too much. Why not consider the idea of going for online marketing New Zealand?


The following are the reasons on why you should go for online marketing New Zealand:

Marketing done in one place.

Decades ago marketing are done in various forms like in billboard, TV, magazines, radio and even to the point of handing over flyers to people, and a lot more. It will require to go from one place to the other. But with online marketing New Zealand all you have to do be at one place, and let one person to do the marketing for you. How’s that sound? No need to hire a lot of people to do this job for you.This can be convenient for those who want to maximize manpower at their end.


Saves time

If you are looking around to save time at your end when it comes to doing the marketing then online marketing New Zealand is the way to go. All you have to do is to have an Internet connection, a laptop, and creative mind, that’s it. Or better, yet, you can hire a 3rd party company who can do the marketing for you. This will definitely save you time at your end doing the hard work. Therefore, you can concentrate on doing more important things that would be productive for your business.



If you want to have a hassle free marketing strategy, online marketing New Zealand is the way to go. Just imagine that you may be able to reach out a huge chunk of your target market without having to go through all the hassle yourself. Plus, you can either hire someone to work at your office, or let an expert in online marketing do it for you and pay for his services.


Faster ROI.

You get into a business because you want to get faster ROI and generate more profits for you. One better way to do it so to be able to do marketing, spend at a price that you can truly afford. This can be perfect to those who are tight and on a budget. Be sure that you will surely find that one company or person who can do SEO for NZ businesses. You will see a huge difference compared to doing it on your. So, if you are interested to get more out of what you have spent or invested on marketing, then try out online marketing.





3 Reasons Why Your Website Needs SEO and SEM Services

3 Reasons Why Your Website Needs SEO and SEM Services

If you have a website, you may have heard about different technical terms such as SEO and SEM. If you’re serious about getting your website on top in the search engine to beat your competition and be on top of your game, you need to make sure you are great with both of these technical terms.

While there are many things you can be doing with your website, these two things are absolutely important. SEO refers to search engine optimization. This means, there will be certain keywords that can be added in the frontend and backend of your website to make sure the right keywords are appearing on your search and your target audience is reaching you on the keywords you want.

SEM refers to search engine marketing where you need to tap the keywords you want to appear on. This means, you will run campaigns and ads against the keywords relevant to your brand in order to appear on top of the search engine. Search engine optimisation adelaide have the following advantages for any kind of brand or services you are providing:

1. Emerging on Top


It is important for a business to appear on top of the search engines when keywords are types against it to show its significance and popularity. There are more chances of conversion of business if the customers see your brand on top of all the search. This gives them confidence to rely and trust on your products and services being provided.

2. More Chances of Conversion

When more people get to see your brand on top of the search engines and every time they search for something relevant to what you’re providing, there are automatically more chances of conversion for the brand. There will be more chances of getting people to buy your product as opposed to when your brand does not appear.

More people will see your website or your social media pages and will be redirected to your services. More exposure means more chances of conversion. This gives you an advantage over other competitive brands who are also appearing in searches and want to beat you at your game.

3. Beating Competition

The best thing about having search engine optimization is beating your competition. Automatically if you’re appearing on top of your search game, there is no chance of other competitive brands appearing on top. There are chances that you will be able to beat your competition without having to do the conventional marketing.

Almost 3 billion people in the world have access to the internet and therefore can get involved in online marketing as compared to conventional print ads and other means of branding. Therefore, beating competition through SEO is exactly what you need.

Social Media Marketing: You’re doing it the wrong way

Social Media Marketing: You’re doing it the wrong way

Legend has it that in Italy a person in 4 is a social media something  and every day the Net delights us with a new Social Media Strategist (or Social Media Expert) popped up from nothing that promises amazing advice and fantastic management of your social accounts.

Unfortunately or fortunately, thanks also to the crisis and a – very – digital literacy, the Web in general and the Social Networks in particular have become an excellent source of business and various agencies and DIY professionals have thrown themselves headlong .

Nothing new, another thousand thousand expanding sectors have seen improvised individuals over the centuries trying to earn something by riding the trend and another thousand thousand black professionals who tried to claim the training and expertise that required their industry.

How can we combat the rampant phenomenon of improvisation?

Money thrown into useless activities because managed by individuals who have no idea what they are doing?

Perhaps with a little ‘awareness and training in more by companies who see in the social networks an interesting business opportunity and, conscious of their time and knowledge limits, rely on third parties.

Let’s look at some coarse errors that improvised and excellent fuffio logists often make and that should make you prick up your ears, without pretension of exhaustiveness.

1. It opens up the damn personal profile on Facebook

Whenever a company opens a personal profile on Facebook in its own name, a Social Media Manager dies.

To date the walls should know that Facebook companies must create a page and not a personal profile , yet the improvised Social Media Coso does not know and often creates for companies that manage beautiful Personal Profiles.

Ask the friendship to all, always and in any case, without a minimum of restraint and if you dare to tell him something maybe he replies with a sly air that “it is easier for a person to answer a request for friendship that puts you Like a page “ or, even better, ” I do it on purpose, reached a certain number of friends I convert it to Page and zan … look how many Likes! ”   (I swear, it’s a true story).

Sometimes, it is a Web Agency that has been recycled in Social Media Marketing, itself on Facebook with a personal profile.

WordLift: this is how we are revolutionizing SEO

WordLift: this is how we are revolutionizing SEO

In July I met Raffaele. It all started with an exchange of tweets that led to a real conversation. One thing led to another and from his feedback came important changes for WordLift .

In September, the WordLift team was invited to Semantics 2017, the largest semantic technology conference in Europe since 2005. We will present the results of a paper that demonstrates the effectiveness of semantic technologies in the field of SEO.

Where did we leave and what brought us here?

Raffaele asked me to share the experience with the WordLift team because the lessons we have learned in these eight months of startups could be useful for those who want to take, or are already going, this way.

A new web

In a famous TED Talk in February 2009, Tim Berners-Lee, founder of the World Wide Web, asked the audience for help to build a new web. The web was born of a project born almost as a game in 1989 and was based on the concept of hypertext. What we know today as a link.

In short, the web was built on a set of links created by users , which helped to make it grow. That would have been the paradigm for the next twenty years. In 2009, however, Tim Berners-Lee felt the need to make the web evolve into a new ecosystem based on semantics.

What does it mean?

In short, imagine that for every online text there is a series of data that describe all the context characteristics of that document: author, publication date, place, and so on. In technical jargon these are called metadata (therefore, data that describe other data).

Now imagine that those metadata are used to create connections between the various online documents. When these connections take shape, they give life to a more intelligent web, based on the context and not only on the links and therefore called semantic.

It may seem obvious because we humans think in contextual terms, yet for many years the web did not work this way.

How the WordLift idea is born

The founders, Andrea Volpini and David Riccitelli , entrepreneurs since they were only sixteen years old, have started from 2011 to collaborate on two European research projects ( IKS and MICO ). These projects were born with the aim of developing open source semantic technologies.

From those academic projects Andrea and David have sensed the opportunity to develop a software for common use, which could create value for blogging .

Such as? Through the artificial intelligence that analyzes the text, the automatic addition of a language that the search engines understand (called in the technical jargon marking Schema ) and a series of widgets that serve to improve the user’s navigation. In other words, it is a tool that automates (partly – since it is always the individual to have control) the indexing and optimization of the contents of a website.

In short, it allows you to do advanced SEO without adding a line of code!

The biggest challenge began in January, when the startup was finally established after collecting investments from a European partner, WooRank, one of the major players in the field of SEO.

The two founders, Andrea and David, joined a growth team . Me as a business developer, Maria Silvia Sanna as a digital strategist, Mark Kaplun as a backend developer and Claudio Salatino as a UI / UX designer. The growth team of WordLift from the first moment has dedicated itself to one goal: growth !

Why participate in our courses

Owning skills in web marketing is today a fundamental strategic resource , both for the  professional growth of individuals and for the economic development of companies,  to respond to the new challenges of global competition.

Internet usage in Italy is constantly growing, and knowing web marketing offers concrete job and business opportunities .

Our courses have an impression strongly oriented towards results, concrete and measurable objectives. 


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